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Small Animal Services

Vaccines and Preventive Medicine:  We provide both core and optional vaccines for dogs and cats. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends that all dogs receive canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies vaccinations. Core vaccines for cats include feline distemper, feline calicivirus, feline herpes, and rabies. Puppies and kittens should receive their first set of vaccines by eight weeks of age. We also offer Bordetella, leptospirosis, and Rattlesnake vaccines.

We recommend annual wellness exams for adult dogs and cats between one and seven years old. Puppies, kittens, and senior pets should have more frequent examinations. At each check-up, we record your pet’s weight and temperature, ask about eating habits and exercise and discuss parasite control. Our veterinarians also check for specific health issues, such as diabetes and signs of cancer. You also have the chance to get help with any behavioral concerns. Yearly heartworm tests are recommended.

Radiology: Digital Radiology,”X-ray” is available to diagnose problems in as little time as possible

Dentistry: Your pet’s oral health is a good indicator of his or her overall well-being. We check the teeth and gums at every wellness exam to look for signs of infection or other dental problems. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning under general anesthesia. Our staff works with clients to teach them proper toothbrushing techniques for an at-home routine.

Senior Wellness:  Although the age at which dogs and cats are considered a senior can vary by breed, we like to start seeing pets for bi-annual exams around age seven. Like people, older pets have an increased risk of kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, liver disease, senility, and general weakness. Staying on top of these issues helps improve the quality of life for your pet in the senior years. We offer senior bloodwork panels to monitor these issues. Mobility challenges and behavior changes are also more common with older pets.

Reproductive Care: Our clinic uses advanced technology to offer your pet the highest quality of reproductive care. Some of our services include artificial insemination, birthing assistance, fertility testing, and diagnosis of pregnancy. 

Surgery:  Some of the most common surgeries we perform include tooth extraction, removal of skin masses, bladder stones, and surgery for various types of cancer. Regardless of the type of surgery your pet needs, his or her veterinarian will let you know exactly what you can expect. This includes the surgical procedure itself as well as the recovery at home.

Spay and Neuters: Spaying your female pet and neutering your male pet helps to control pet overpopulation. Unfortunately, millions of pets are euthanized every year because there are not enough homes for all of them. Additional benefits of sterilization include a longer lifespan, reduced risk of mammary gland and testicular cancer, no heat cycles or roaming behavior, and less aggressive behavior by both males and females. 

We provide the following services for dogs and cats:

  • 9Preventative Medicine
  • EVaccinations
  • ^Canine
  • [Rabies – 1 and 3 year
  • [Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus,
  • [Coronavirus
  • [Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • ^Feline
  • [Rabies – 1 and 3 year
  • [Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
  • [Leukemia
  • EParasiteControl
  • [Flea/Tick Prevention
  • [Heartworm Prevention
  • [Heartworm Testing and Treatment
  • [Intestinal Parasite Testing and Treatment
  • 9Wellness Exams
  • EPuppy/Kitten, Annual, Geriatri
  • 9Behavioral Consultation
  • 9Dermatology
  • 9Ophthalmology
  • 9Neurology
  • 9Specialized Diagnostics
  • EDigital Radiography
  • EIn-House Diagnostic Bloodwork
  • ^Complete Blood Count
  • ^General Chemistry
  • ^Clotting Analysis
  • 9Surgery
  • EComplete Anesthetic Monitoring
  • ESpays and Neuters
  • EFeline Declaws, Canine Dewclaw Removal
  • ECanine Ear Crops and Tail Docking
  • ESurgical Oncology
  • ^Tumor Removal, biopsies, mastectomies
  • ECystotomy, Bladder Stone Remova
  • EExploratory Laparotomy
  • EForeign body removal
  • ESimple Orthopedic Procedures
  • ^Splint Application
  • ^Pin Fractures
  • ^Amputations
  • 9Reproductive/Breeding
  • EArtificial Insemination
  • ECaesarian Sections
  • EBrucellosis Testing
  • 9Endocrinology
  • EThyroid Testing and Management
  • EDiabetes Testing and Management
  • ECortisol Testing – Cushing’s and Addison’s Disease Management
  • 9Dentistry
  • EProphylactic Cleaning
  • EExtractions
  • 9Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
  • 9Hospitalization
  • 9Boarding

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